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Above and beyond with Radio Awaz – The Voice

Radio Awaz

Above and beyond with Radio Awaz – The Voice

From time to time, we receive a request from a listener asking what can be done to improve their reception of our signal. While the specific recommendations will vary, the following are some generalizations that may help if you are experiencing reception difficulty. It must be remembered that the process of delivering sound from a radio station to your ears involves a complete system. The list includes the station’s transmitter and antenna and the transmission path between the two. This last is important because if there is a mountain between the transmitter and receiver, there is nothing that can be done to provide good reception.  Radio Awaz is the best Best South Asian Radio Show in Toronto.

Also, at FM frequencies, reliable reception does not extend far beyond the horizon line as viewed from the transmitter. This is why Radio Awaz transmitters have very tall towers or are located on mountaintops. It is also why FM radio station receiving antennas is the best situation on tall masts.

Who We Are and What We Do

Radio Awaz broadcasts and streams encouraging contemporary Christian music and features programming that focus on Biblical values and provide practical help in dealing with the challenging issues of life.

This platform with its positive and constructive approach aims to build bridges between communities. Our objectives are to create content, which generates dialogue on syncretism. We look forward to your support and encouragement in our endeavor.

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Email : info@radioawaztoronto.ca
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